“Let’s Talk Politics” in Mundelein Reveals Optimism for 2020 Elections

Democrats came out on November 19th to talk about politics at Park Street Restaurant in Mundelein. The evening, part of Tenth Dems University’s Let’s Talk Politics (LTP) series, was co-sponsored with Fremont Township Democrats whose Chair, Matt Lowry, was there along with TDU Chair Oren Jacobson, Tenth Dems founder/Lake Dems Vice Chair Lauren Beth Gash, Tenth Dems Co-Chair Eric Herman, Lake County Treasurer Holly Kim, and other elected officials.

TDU’s Laurence Schiller introduced the LTP series and started things off by asking what folks thought of the previous night’s Democratic presidential debate. The conversation bounced from the debate to Donald Trump’s looming impeachment and senate trial and their impacts on the 2020 elections, to the importance of state legislative races, how to bring young voters to the polls, and more.

It was all loose and lively, yielding quite a few intriguing analyses and predictions but, interestingly, very little of the frustration and bewilderment expressed so often recently by the many folks who have been disturbed and offended by Trump’s presidency. There was confidence in the room that Democrats are playing the right cards now, that if we continue to work together and we get out the vote, we can right this ship.

And one thing was very clear: people are fired up to elect a Democrat for President!

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