Tuesday, November 6th, was quite a night. Democrats in Illinois swept statewide offices, including the election of a Democratic governor, JB Pritzker, and a lieutenant governor, Juliana Stratton. Our 10th District Congressman Brad Schneider won a landslide victory. Democrats won state legislative races against well-funded Republican opponents. The Lake County Board was flipped from red to blue….for the first time!

In neighboring congressional districts, Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten defeated incumbent Republican congressmen as Democrats took control of the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington.

A pair of newly-elected countywide officials, Lake County Treasurer Holly Kim and Lake County Clerk Robin O’Connor, will be joined in the ranks of victorious Democrats by John Idleburg who won when late arriving ballots were counted.

Tenth Dems thanks all the candidates who put themselves out there, whether they won or lost. It’s not easy to subject yourself to scrutiny, to ask for campaign help, or to walk block after block after block to reach voters. But they stepped up and gave people the chance to vote for a really good group of Democrats at a time when the public has lost trust in Republican politicians.

People can talk about a Blue Wave. Fine. But it wasn’t inevitable and it wasn’t something that suddenly appeared the last few weeks or months. In fact, the victories in 2018 continued the trend we saw in our area in 2017 when an organized Democratic slate swept contests in Vernon Township, and right-wingers were defeated in Lake Forest and New Trier Township, among other areas. In 2016, while a lot of attention rightfully was paid to the presidential election, Democrats knocked off an incumbent Republican congressman and a Lake County officeholder, which sounds a lot like what just happened. Tenth Dems has been working for more than a decade to build the Democratic infrastructure by such things as helping allied political groups and Democratic township organizations (with funding and organizational help, for instance), and by holding “Let’s Talk Politics” discussions all over the district to bring new activists into the fold. We believe we’ve played a significant role in turning a once solidly-Republican part of Illinois into more of a blue one.

Organizing isn’t always glamorous. Sometimes it seems rather boring, other times it looks kind of chaotic. When you have committed, knowledgeable leaders and dedicated volunteers, you put yourself in the best position possible to take advantage of opportunity. You make your own luck and you get results, even when there is no wave. Tenth Dems will keep doing that as we head into 2019 municipal elections and 2020, when the next presidential election is held. And nobody will overlook what’s going on right now under this current president.

We’re so excited about the great news and glad to have played a significant role at the grassroots level in 2018. It may not be easy the next time around, but, as always, with our wonderful volunteers, we’ll be ready for the challenge.

Tenth Dems

P.S. Think about what committee or activity you might be able to lead for Democrats as we move forward and we’ll be in touch soon.

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