Urgent–Stand up to right-wing Walsh

If you thought Republicans were satisfied with taking the country so far to the right, you’d be wrong. They’re getting even worse. A Republican officeholder from the northwest suburbs resigned amidst scandal and he was just replaced by Helene Walsh, an unhinged right-wing extremist and wife of none other than Joe Walsh. (Walsh is a former Tea Party Republican Congressman from the suburbs who challenged Tammy Duckworth, lost miserably, and now hosts a right-wing radio show.) Here she is at the local Republicans’ rifle raffle they held weeks after the mass shooting in Las Vegas:

Donate $25 to support progressive Lake County teacher Mary Edly-Allen’s campaign against an un-elected right-wing extremist. 

She’s not wrong simply because she’s anti-choice and anti-gun violence prevention–Walsh has consistently pushed right-wing conspiracies and used hateful rhetoric towards journalists, John McCain, and Democrats, among others.

Walsh is out of the mainstream and she has no business holding public office.

The good news? You can help! Mary Edly-Allen is the Democratic candidate running for the office Walsh was just appointed to, State Representative from the 51st District. Mary’s a teacher who’s been endorsed by groups like the Sierra Club and Moms Demand Action. She’ll stand up for our values. 

We need more people like Mary, especially because Republicans are trying to take the country more and more out of the mainstream, right before our eyes. Let’s stand up together! Chip in to support Mary’s campaign and let’s elect more people with decency and common sense.

Join us! Help elect Democrats in our area:

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