Tenth Dems Laugh Together at Capitol Steps’ Orange is the New Barack

By Todd Sloane

A Tenth Dems group of nearly 100 people joined a sold-out crowd for a hilarious afternoon with the satirical musical group The Capitol Steps at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie on Sunday, January 28. The talented onetime congressional staffers performed songs from their new album, Orange is the New Barack. Later, many who attended the show with Tenth Dems were joined by several others for a family-style dinner at nearby Jameson’s Charhouse, where the laughter continued. Two of the Capitol Steps cast members came to the restaurant at Tenth Dems’ invitation and talked about the show and their experiences as political satirists.

The sold-out performance included songs such as “Tweet, Tweet” (to the tune of “Rockin’ Robin”) about – what else? – President Trump’s Twitter obsession; a plaintive “Donald Trump, Jr.” singing “I Want to Be Just Like You, Dad” (to Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle”); and “Hello, Is It Mike You’re Looking For?” (to Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello”) about Vice President Pence’s terrifying ability to morph into anything Trump needs him to be.

Capitol Steps troupe members speak with TenthDems theater-goers after the show

Of course, Trump and Republicans were not the only political figures to generate laughs. Democrats’ desperate need to keep certain elderly Supreme Court justices from expiring while Trump has the opportunity to appoint more right-wing extremists was satirized in the “The Supremes – Stayin’ Alive.

At least we Democrats can take a joke!


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