Don’t Be Terrified; Send a Message

By Prajnaa Jain

The short time—not yet 200 days—since Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States reminds me of a cliché scene from a horror movie.  The protagonist slowly and cautiously opens an old, creaky, wooden door, while viewers impatiently wait to see the terrifying sights they know will appear on the other side. The creaking and squeaking are followed by what is commonly described as a blood-curdling scream.

Currently, much that is terrifying can be found in Washington, D.C. While so many of the activities of this administration may seem like a real-life horror story, there is a way we can identify ourselves as beacons of calm, good sense, and resilience.

Wear a button.  Or wear several.

Tenth Dems has ordered an unprecedented number of new buttons, because each button design expresses something unique.  So, without further ado, I’ll provide a close-up of each of our new buttons.

If the only planet you have lived on is Earth, and you care about the crisis that is human-caused climate change, you can proclaim of Mother Earth, “I’m with Her.”

If you want to stand up for the women who have been maligned by Trump and his Republican enablers, you can appropriate the label “Nasty Woman,” or declare, “Nevertheless She Persisted.”   You’d rather be more direct in your advocacy for women’s rights? You can declare that these rights are “fundamental.”

Want to show your opposition to any repeal of the Affordable Care Act and your disgust with Trump at the same time?  Advocate for the best possible “Repeal and Replace.”

Maybe you just want to tweak Trump and his dysfunctional White House, while declaring that Steve Bannon’s values are not yours.  Or perhaps you recognize that the problem isn’t just Trump, but also the right-wing Republican Congress that is enabling his dangerous agenda.

And if you just–plain and simple–want to limit the damage this administration is doing, you can show that you “Resist!”

All of these buttons are available at, and many can’t be obtained anywhere else. Your purchase ($3.00 each, two for $5.00) not only will show your support for Tenth Dems and the Democratic and progressive values we further, but also for this intern who recently helped carry 47 pounds of buttons up three flights of stairs.

And if we have to sit through a horror movie, at least we can show what we’re feeling.

Join us! Help elect Democrats in our area:

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