10th District Values Are Represented in Washington Again

Democrat Brad Schneider replaces Republican Bob Dold as 115th Congress begins
Deerfield, IL – While other parts of the country were attracted to Republican candidates last November, Illinois’ 10th District roundly rejected Donald Trump and Republican Bob Dold, who returns to his 9th District home after yet another defeat.

It’s no surprise that the out of touch Bob Dold lost by the largest margin for any 10th District Congressional candidate in a decade. As results from the Presidential contest came in, most of the 10th District was horrified by Donald Trump’s shocking success. At the same time, Bob Dold’s Election Night watch party erupted in “whoops of joy” when TVs showed Trump winning (WBEZ reporter Odette Yousef, Twitter, 11/8/16).

Election Night confirmed what many had already known–out of self-preservation, career politician Bob Dold desperately tried distancing himself from Donald Trump but supported him when voters weren’t watching. Dold headlined a “Beat Hillary” private fundraiser and backed the local Republican groups turning out the vote for Trump in Lake County.

In the end, 10th District voters just weren’t sold on Doubletalk Dold.

Bob Dold’s loss is the 10th District’s gain. With Dold’s right-wing Republican pals in control of Congress and the White House, the people of the 10th District, now more than ever, deserve to be represented in Congress by someone willing to stand up against the radical onslaught many fear is coming. Already national Republicans have mentioned privatizing Medicare and Social Security, repealing the Affordable Care Act without a replacement, and slashing environmental protections.

Republican Bob Dold chose to support party leaders pushing radical policies. Bob Dold chose to support the out of the mainstream Ryan budget. And the people of the 10th District chose to reject Bob Dold again. Congratulations to them for standing up for their common sense values, and best of luck to their new Congressman, Democrat Brad Schneider. The new Congress will be far from perfect but it will be better with Brad Schneider than with Bob Dold.

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