I’ve just returned from Brad Schneider’s victory celebration and I can only say how thrilled I am in his win, but also Terry Link, Carol Sente, Tammy Duckworth, Bill Foster, and, most especially, Barack Obama. I am hopeful that Republicans will begin to realize that extremism isn’t going to sell in this country and if they want to win the Presidency in 2016, they are going to have to abandon the Mourdocks, Akins, Bachmanns, and Walsh’s. These folks represent an old America that is rapidly disappearing while the Democrats represent the true direction that America is heading. All the bigotry of so many of the GOP supporters and money of Karl Rove and his friends could not win this election for them – and it won’t in the future. It is now time to roll up our sleeves and work together to move this country forward. It’s late and there is much more to say, but I will put it off for a few days. For now – thank you for all of your hard work and ain’t it sweet to win big.

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