The Choice is Clear

I spent the weekend running a huge qualifying tournament for USA Fencing at Northwestern. Lots of excellent fencers including some of our national team, the coach of the Bronze medal women’s epee squad, and an official who refereed one of the gold medal matches in London. It was a nice diversion from all the election noise, and, one of the advantages of driving to the gym at 5:30 AM, is that even Joe Walsh’s PAC doesn’t bother to run ads at that time in the morning. Speaking of which, I have been absolutely disgusted at the gutter level that Walsh, Biggert, Romney, and all those Republican PACS have sunk to in their political ads. Walsh calls Tammy Duckworth a tool of former Governor Blagovich. Patently untrue. Dold calls Schneider an extremist, while he votes 82% with the Tea Party.  Mitt flat out lies about the auto industry and uses Hugo Chavez in Spanish ads in Florida to suggest President Obama is some sort of Communist. Outrageous. It would be absolutely laughable but, as Judy Biggert said, it moves numbers. How sad. A couple of hundred rich white guys pour hundreds of millions of dollars into PACS that don’t have to reveal who is behind their lies and all you hear is ‘not paid for or endorsed by any candidate’. No responsibility or accountability. That seems to be what our elections have become.

That no Republican has stepped up and denounced this junk, as McCain did in 2008, speaks volumes about the lack of character and ethics in the current GOP. But what did we expect with the type of folks who have seized the leadership of that party. Nothing illustrates more the clear choice that we have on Tuesday. Remember that is the party that would rather let the economy sink than actually compromise with the Democrats in the House. The party whose entire stated purpose was to defeat Obama this year and would even vote against bills that they had supported earlier just to make the President look bad. How can anyone support a party that has turned its back on the middle class? Whose candidate for President has dismissed disabled vets as ‘government freeloaders’? Whose Vice Presidential candidate has stated that he would like to see the complete end of Social Security and Medicare, and then lies about his position in his election speeches. Whose candidates shift their positions to fit their audience so that you have no idea where they stand?

Or do we support the party which has suggested common sense cuts with increased revenue streams? Who thinks that the wealthy ought to pay their fair share and not hide behind a myriad of tax loopholes that only a few can take advantage of. Who understands that government provides SERVICE to its citizens and is not a business trying to make a profit? That cares about the rights of all of its citizens and won’t cater to the prejudices of those who would force their version of morality down the rest of our throats?

You get the point. I say the choice is clear. One party is fueled by right wing religious bigots who think liberty is the license to suppress the rights of minorities and allow unregulated capitalist exploitation, regardless of the cost to the citizens of America. A party funded by vulture capitalists who invested YOUR mortgage funds into financial schemes designed to fail so you would take the fall while they made millions. A party who dismisses 47% of the population as ‘victims’.

The other party, our party, is the actual party of the people. The real people, not the paid for ‘Tea Party’, which we all know is a fraud. The party of the middle class, not the upper class. The party of folks who may be religious or not, but understand that everyone has the right to have the opportunity for success no matter their gender, color, or sexual orientation. That every American has rights that ought to be respected. That those who need help or are vulnerable, should have access to that help from the government. The simple proof is that women and minorities overwhelmingly support the President’s reelection.

I can only ask what sort of people, what sort of party, think that people shouldn’t have access to health coverage? That food or shelter should be denied to people? That FEMA should be privatized so some rich guy can make money out of a disaster such as Sandy? That God intends rape? That gay people aren’t really deserving of rights? That women shouldn’t make the same pay for the same work? Who, quite frankly, deny science and would rather see more Sandy’s than admit that people are significantly responsible for climate change? It simply boggles the mind that so many people are willing to vote for these guys. Fortunately, as I have already predicted, the President will defeat Romney on Tuesday and we have to do whatever we can to ensure that we take back Congress to preserve the Republic that the Founders gave us.

The choice IS clear and there is a clear difference. Vote Democratic.

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