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Blog: Do They Deserve Our Votes?

Does the President deserve our vote?

Short answer: Yes, for considerable, though muted, results in the face of extreme obstructionism and outlandish lies and “Democrats” who have sold out.  But that’s not really the point.

Do Governor Quinn, Treasurer Giannoulias, Dan Seals, and Reps. Bill Foster, Melissa Bean, Jan Schakowsky and the other Democrats ?

Yes, Quinn inherited a terrible mess, worse fiscally than President Obama’s because the Governor has to balance the budget.  Alexi has done a good job with the state funds, truth be told.  And the others have done their job.  But again, that’s not really the point.

Do WE deserve to vote for a better America for ourselves and our kids?

Yes!  The Republicans had 8 years to get us into this mess.  Bill Clinton had 8 years to fix Reagan and HW’s mess.  By the end, President Clinton had peace, prosperity, democracy in new places, and a BUDGET SURPLUS.

All these Republican ads are blaming the Democrats who were in office BECA– USE of the mishandling of the economy and the financial sector by Republicans and their owners, the banks, insurance and oil companies!  It was not the Democrats’ fault!   Things would be worse had we left the Republicans in charge!

The Democrats are there to fix it and they will if we give them more time. Read More »

Blog, Featured: New York Times: Dold Is A Tea Party Candidate

Today’s New York Times identifies Robert Dold as a Tea Party candidate. Time and time again in recent weeks, Dold’s far right-wing positions have become evident. Earlier this week, he snubbed BJBE, Temple Beth El, Solomon Schechter, and Chicagoland Jewish High School to appear on Sean Hannity’s right-wing program, and just yesterday, we learned that Dold is supported by Fred Malek’s American Action Network.

Robert Dold does his best to pretend he’s a moderate because he knows that while this district might elect a Republican, there’s no way it would elect a Tea Party candidate. So Dold bobs and weaves, hoping to wink and nod his way to office.

Today’s New York Times listed the Tea Party candidates running in each district. Sure enough, Bob Dold made the list.

As the Times explains, “For purposes of the list, Tea Party candidates were those who had entered politics through the movement or who are receiving significant support from local Tea Party groups and who share the ideology of the movement.” Read More »

Blog: Good News for Dan!

Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill reports today that Seals leads Dold in a poll of 10th District voters by a 12-point margin, 49% to 37%. The paper reports, “The third time may be the charm for Dan Seals and the Democrats. With incumbent Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) running for Senate, Seals looks like he might finally win this heavily Democratic district.”

News: Tenth Dems Presents 10-10-10 in the 10th

Tenth Dems Presents 10-10-10 in the 10th

The Tenth Congressional District Democrats present U.S. Senator Dick Durbin as we honor a past and a future 10th District Congressman—Abner Mikva and Dan Seals.

10-10-10 in the 10th starts at 7 p.m. on Sunday, October 10, 2010, at the Hyatt Deerfield, 1750 Lake Cook Road (I-294 at Lake Cook) in Deerfield. Space will be limited for this special event.

Tenth Dems also takes pleasure in honoring Marcy Maller, Founders Award recipient; Sharon Sanders, Rosenblit Volunteer Award recipient; and Loretta Durbin, Mikva Leadership Award recipient.

To purchase tickets or join the host committee, you can sign up here, or go to www.tenthdems.org/fundraiser. For more information: 847-266-VOTE (8683) or info@tenthdems.org.

For seven years, Tenth Dems has been helping to build the Democratic Party. We have brought thousands of people into the political process as volunteers, participants in our Let’s Talk Politics forums, attendees at Tenth Dems University classes, as candidates for a variety of public offices and as campaign staff for Democratic candidates.

We are building the Democratic Party from the grassroots up.

Senator Durbin has been elected by his fellow Democratic senators every session since 2006 to the post of Assistant Majority Leader. It is the Senate’s second highest-ranking position. Prior to his election to the Senate, he served seven terms in the House of Representatives, after first being elected in 1982.

* Elected to the Senate in 1996 to the seat that was held by friend and mentor, Paul Simon.
* Helped establish the Senate’s first subcommittee which deals exclusively with human rights issues.
* Was a founding member of the Senate Global AIDS Caucus.

In the past, our annual fundraiser has featured such top-name speakers as Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, former Democratic Presidential Nominee George McGovern, Governor Howard Dean, and Barack Obama.

Tenth Dems’ fundraisers typically sell out. Those who are interested in attending can purchase their tickets by donating online at www.tenthdems.org/fundraiser; or, by calling 847-266-VOTE (8683); or, by sending a check today to Tenth Dems, P.O. Box 523, Deerfield, Illinois 60015.

Blog, Featured: Seals Wants to Fix Social Security, Dold Wants to Dismantle It

As a woman in her forties I am not too young to be concerned about Social Security.  I’m simply not that far away from retirement anymore. And having learned of Republican Congressional candidate Robert Dold’s plan to privatize social security, this only solidifies my staunch support of Democrat Dan Seals.

Mr. Seals is endorsed by the non-partisan National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare – and from this source (the NCPSSM), I’ve learned just how damaging and risky privatizing Social Security can be.  No system is perfect, but our current system does work. It has for 75 years and will continue to do so for decades, despite talk of the danger it may be in.

Like any system, of course it needs tending and maintenance and fixing – but not dismantling. Not putting it at the whim of the stock market. There are many investment opportunities for all who wish to take part in them, but Social Security is not and should not be one of them. Social Security is an insurance policy and a profound promise to our senior citizens.  And I believe Mr. Seals will do all he can to help Social Security continue to keep that promise.

Karen Singer