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21661 North Milwaukee, LincolnshireMONDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2012
FROM 6:00 PM ‘TIL 8:00

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Featured: Tenth Dems Won. Big.

On Tuesday, the country reelected President Obama and the 10th Congressional District elected Brad Schneider.  For the first time in decades our district will be represented by a Democrat in Congress.  But that’s not all.  Our Democrats celebrated a host of other victories as multiple candidates defeated their Republican opponents.
Tenth Dems worked hard to support Democratic candidates with financial, organizational and other assistance, but the sweeping success truly belongs to the volunteers, activists, campaign workers and candidates themselves – who braved the rigors of an election and the attacks of their opposition so they could serve their community in elective office.  And we commend the hard work and sacrifice of every Democratic candidate who bravely stood for election – win or lose – and those who worked hard on their behalf.
The many successes by Democrats in Illinois’ 10th District include:

  • A resounding vote of support for President Barack Obama by 10th District voters
  • An end to the decades-long Republican possession of the 10th District seat in Congress as Brad Schneider won an expensive nationally-targeted race against Congressman Bob Dold
  • Lake County Board Member (and Tenth Dems 2012 Political Courage Award Recipient) Melinda Bush’s election in the 31st State Senate District
  • Julie Morrison’s election to the 29th State Senate District
  • State Rep. Carol Sente’s defeat of State Rep. Sid Mathias and her reelection in the 59thDistrict
  • Sam Yingling’s defeat of State Rep. Sandy Cole and his election in the 62nd District
  • Scott Drury’s election as State Representative for the 58thDistrict, Marty Moylan’s in the 55th District and Laura Fine’s in the 17th District
  • Elaine Nekritz’s reelection as State Representative in the 57th District and the election of Daniel Biss to the 9th State Senate District
  • Sandra Hart’s election to the Lake County Board in the 13th District and Steve Mandel’s in the 11th District and the reelection of 16th District Board Member Terry Wilke
  • The reelection of State Senator Terry Link in the 30th District and State Rep. Rita Mayfield in the 60th District
  • Tom Rudd’s election as Lake County Coroner and Mary Ellen Vanderventer’s resounding reelection as Lake County Recorder of Deeds
  • The election or reelection of several other Democrats to state and local office
  • Aggressive, hard-fought campaigns by other Democratic candidates who fell just short of victory. They deserve our thanks for taking the chance, embracing the challenge and running for office in an effort to make our community and our country a better place.

Tenth Dems has worked to elect Democratic candidates at the local, state, and national levels by coordinating campaign and election activities, recruiting and organizing volunteers, informing the public about important issues, providing direct financial support to candidates and independently advertising on their behalf.

In 2012 alone, Tenth Dems:

  • Raised over $135,000 to fund its 2012 campaign activities and contribute directly to local Democratic candidates
  • Organized and implemented a district-wide Voter Protection Legal Team, recruiting over 60 attorneys and placing them at polling places to combat the aggressive efforts by Republicans to prevent or discourage people from voting
  • Gave thousands of hours of volunteer support to our candidates
  • Spent thousands of dollars to fund independent advertising on behalf of Democratic candidates
  • Gave free publicity to candidates, spreading the word to activists and to voters who may never have heard about their campaign events and about their need for campaign help – broadening their support and volunteer base
  • Provided candidates free advice and guidance on their campaigns, with targeting, networking and general campaign support
  • Brought numerous volunteers into the political process, and many of them worked hard as managers and volunteers for local campaigns

Tenth Dems began eight years ago with the firm belief that voters in our district would support Democratic candidates because we knew members of our party share their values, work ethic and dedication to improving the quality of life in our community.  That confidence was emphatically justified on Election Day.

Democratic candidates and their supporters invested their time, resources and energy to win in areas that were once considered locks for Republicans.  We look forward to electing even more Democrats and to the strong leadership they will continue to provide for years to come.

Blog: Postcards Don’t Vote, Ads Don’t Vote, the “Polls” Don’t Vote

Voters vote, and every vote counts. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. And despite a last minute flood of money from individuals and Super-Pacs (including Mayor Bloomberg of New York) and a flurry of postcards and ads supporting the incumbent, Brad Schneider has captured a seat that has been in Republican hands for more than 30 years. The margin was small: Schneider 130,941, Dold 128,423.

This was work by Democrats and independents in the Tenth, call by call, door by door, voter by voter, sign by sign. The volunteers who worked and those who led should be proud!

Blog: Democrats Getting Elected – a Parody of the Well-Loved Jazz Standard Blue Skies

It’s hard not to get caught up in election hyperbole this year, but hyperbole aside, I think we can all agree this is a critical election. The Democratic candidates running for office share a core set of values which they will draw on when representing us. They believe:
  • That government has no place in our bedrooms or private medical decisions;
  • That our physical world is on loan to us from our children and we are not entitled to trash it before we pass it back;
  • That we’re all in this together and it’s our job to help each other get through it.
We are seeing a tremendous amount of mud-slinging as we move into the final days of the race. The negative advertising is baseless. It is important that we not allow the mud-slinging to distract us from the genuine issues and genuine value of the candidates slated to run as Democrats in the election. We must maintain our vision, and the hope we have for turning the economy around, caring for the environment, and ensuring that there is fair opportunity for all Americans. Trust our Democratic candidates, and vote for them—they are the right choice.

The Tenth Congressional Democrats are posting this video focused on living in a Democratic society. “Democrats Getting Elected” is a parody of the well-loved jazz standard Blue Skies.


Lyrics written by Clara Berman with additions from Shelley Orbach; Video shot by Jeff Kovit.

Editing: Clara Berman.

Introductory remarks written by Clara Berman, with Kudos to Anne Flanigan Bassi for the remarks that inspired this introduction.

Thanks to all the others whose assistance has made the production and posting of these parodies possible. I hope that you will find the humor lifts your spirits, and supports your commitment in these last critical days before the election.


Democrats in office now
Dems in majority-and how!

People singing this song
Nothing but Democrats, from now on

I never saw the sun shining so bright
Never saw things, going so right
Pelosi with a gavel, Hoyer in line
You’ve got our votes
Now its our time for

Fair wage, here in our hands
Bank accounts rising, let’s make plans

Blog: You Are Invited to Brad Schneider’s Election Night Party

You are invited to Brad Schneider’s election night party

Please join Brad Schneider to celebrate election night!

Hilton Northbrook

2855 Milwaukee Avenue

Northbrook, IL 60062

November 6 @ 7PM

RSVP online at