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Blog: US Dept. of Energy Stimulus Grants Available for Home Energy Upgrades

Homeowners of all income levels are eligible for low-cost and free home energy assessments and an instant rebate of up to $1750 for energy efficiency work through Energy Impact Illinois- a partnership of the US Dept. of Energy, local governments, our utilities and regional not-for-profits. This program seeks to make homes more comfortable, less costly to heat and cool, more environmentally sustainable and create green jobs here in northern Illinois. Most homes in Chicagoland lack sufficient insulation and leak air we use to heat and cool our homes, leading to drafty homes, high energy bills and wasted natural resources.


Take advantage of low-cost and free energy assessments and the $1750 instant rebate by contacting Bob Fuller- Field Organizer for Energy Impact Illinois at 773 972 6410 or You can also help your community by connecting Energy Impact Illinois to groups in your town or township that would also benefit from more comfortable and affordable homes. Grant funding for Energy Impact Illinois expires in 2013, so act fast.


Energy Impact Illinois is endorsed by Lake County and is partnering with towns and villages throughout the 10th Congressional District.


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