A Crucial Choice in the Tenth!

We are less than a week from Election Day. People in Illinois have already started casting their ballots. And voters in the 10th District must make a crucial choice for Congress. Beyond the haze of a long campaign filled with ads, debates, charges and countercharges, there are simple irrefutable facts that tell us who the candidates are and what we can expect from them in Congress.

Know the facts, click here to see clearly the choice in this election.


Democrat Brad Schneider has presented a seriousness, professional background and pragmatic progressive vision that tells us where he will be on the issues that matter to us. Republican Bob Dold has tried to talk a good game – but his record demonstrates that he is a reliable vote for a Republican Party that keeps moving farther to the extreme right.

Bob Dold wants us to forget he’s been in office for two years. He wants to pretend his high-minded rhetoric about moderation, independence and bipartisanship is not belied by a voting record that says otherwise. He wants us to believe that he really does care about environmental protection, women’s health and Medicare while he regularly votes to undermine them. He hopes we accept his definition of independence: expressing support for your constituents’ values but voting against them when forced by your party to make a difficult choice.

After decades of Republican representation, years of Bob Dold’s “gosh-I’m-really-a-moderate” routine and the ongoing illusion of Dold’s “independence”, it’s time we presented the facts. Click here to view a document that lays out the choice in this election. We see Brad Schneider’s support for the values we share and Bob Dold’s undeniable voting record in Congress. Please look at this chart. Consider which candidate best represents your views. And tell every voter you know in the 10th District who Bob Dold really is and why Brad Schneider should be our next Congressman.

Thirty years of Republican rule is too long. One voter buying what Dold is selling is one too many. Know the truth. Share the facts. And help elect Brad Schneider.

Join us! Help elect Democrats in our area:

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