Robert Dold is NOT pro-choice

“Planned Parenthood Illinois Action (PPIA), the political arm of Planned Parenthood of Illinois, made clear that there is only one pro-choice candidate running in the Illinois 10th Congressional District: Dan Seals.”—Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, July 14, 2010


Dan Seals is the only pro-choice candidate running for Congress in the 10th Congressional district.  Republican Robert Dold of Kenilworth is NOT pro-choice.

Dold’s claim that he is pro-choice is disingenuous at best. Maybe Dold has his own private definition of “pro-choice,” but no legitimate pro-choice organization considers Dold pro-choice.

Planned Parenthood is one of the most respected pro-choice organizations in the country. They support pro-choice Republicans and Democrats (they even endorsed Mark Kirk when Kirk took pro-choice positions in previous elections). Dold has so little respect for Planned Parenthood that he chose not to fill out their questionnaire and he declined an invitation to be interviewed by the Planned Parenthood board. Would any genuine pro-choice candidate dis Planned Parenthood?

Dold is backed by the anti-choice Right to Life PAC because Dold opposes government assistance for women who cannot afford abortions, he supports the ban on late-term abortions, he supports parental involvement laws, and he supports the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act (which requires that a script be read to women before an abortion). Dold also supported the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, which would have resulted in women losing health benefits related to abortions that they have today. Yes, Dold did find the time to fill out the anti-choice Right to Life PAC questionnaire.

Dold is also endorsed by the ultra right-wing Eagle Forum, led by Phyllis Schlafly (Schlafly gained infamy for her strident opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment).

Read for yourself what Eagle Forum stands for:

Asked whether he would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned, Dold replied, “I think, right now, the way it works with the Supreme Court is that Roe v. Wade is precedent at this stage of the game and it would be tough to do so.  So, I just don’t think that is realistic at this stage.”

Not realistic at this stage? What does that mean? Dold’s refusal to support Roe v. Wade speaks volumes.

Not realistic at this stage? The Supreme Court laid the groundwork for the repeal of Roe v. Wade in its discussion of precedent in Citizens United v. Federal Election Committee. Someone might want tell Mr. Dold that overturning Roe v. Wade is only one or two Supreme Court justices away from becoming very realistic.

Dold supports unreasonable restrictions on a women’s right to choose and cannot bring himself to support Roe v. Wade. Those are not pro-choice positions. No wonder that on April 7, 2010, the bi-partisan NARAL Pro-Choice America endorsed Dan Seals.

No wonder that on February 25, 2010,  the bi-partisan Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs Committee (JACPAC) endorsed Dan Seals, citing his commitment to the strengthening the US-Israel relationship and his commitment to reproductive choice.

“We’ve known Dan Seals for years, and we believe that Seals is the only candidate in this race who will stand up not only for Israel, but for women’s rights and separation of church and state,” stated Marcia Balonick, Executive Director, JACPAC.

No wonder that Planned Parenthood endorsed Dan Seals on July 14, 2010. “Dan Seals will be a champion for women’s health issues in Congress, and PPIA will be working hard to ensure his victory this November,” said Planned Parenthood spokesperson Beth Kanter. Read the Planned Parenthood endorsement of Dan Seals here:

Dold’s claim that he is pro-choice is an insult to the intelligence of every voter in this district. Vote for Dold if you want to, but don’t vote for him thinking that he’s pro-choice.

Dan Seals is the only pro-choice candidate for Congress in the 10th district. That’s why he’s endorsed by Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and JACPAC over Robert Dold in the November election.

We can’t afford to lose this election. Please let me know if you would like to help the Seals campaign in any way, large or small, be it getting the message out, volunteering, or contributing money in any amount. Dan Seals will be an outstanding member of Congress. It’s up to us to make sure the rest of the district knows not only about Dan, but about his right-wing socially conservative challenger from Kenilworth.

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